Baby Steps

on May 10, 2012

May is proving to be a big month for us. My daughter is now walking! After months of anticipation (I thought she was going to start walking at 8mos), she finally took her first steps on May 1st just a few days before her 13th month. Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for it. It was a friend of ours who actually got her walking. You see, she was already standing without help for over a month prior. She just needed a little boost to get her on her way. It seems my technique – squatting or kneeling and extending both arms – isn’t the best there is. What did the trick was holding out an object of interest (in my daughter’s case, a set of keys) while STANDING! After the first few steps, she gained enough confidence to keep walking. When the sun is out, we enjoy short walks up and down our driveway – keeps her motivated and gives us both a bit of a workout while getting Vitamin D the natural way.

Moms, please share how you got your little ones to take their first steps. 


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